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A stack of colorful books

Color in Books 2015 Roundup

This is the third installment of the Munsell’s “Color in Books Series,” where we look at new releases in the field of color. If you are looking for last minute gifts, books never disappoint. From color history and education to … Continue reading

4 color swatches for brands like coke, gap, starbucks and tmobile

Commerce… Why that Color?

The role of color in our contemporary consumerist culture combines all other aspects discussed in earlier posts (gender, culture, language, communication). It’s also brilliantly summed up by Miranda Priestly from “Devil Wears Prada” (2006) (mentioned in the first “Why That … Continue reading

A red circle in the center of a black square

Signal… Why that Color?

A couple of months ago I suffered from a pretty exhausting viral infection. Every half-hour I found myself with one of those Vicks thermometers in my mouth waiting to see what color the little round display would show. I didn’t … Continue reading

The word "art" spelled out as individual signs.

Color Marketing Group 2013 Summit

I recently attended the Color Marketing Group 2013 Summit and, as always, it was a wonderful way to get charged and energized by ideas on color selection and process. What makes the CMG summit so unique is that it allows … Continue reading