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Published Work

Munsell published work lends context to Munsell’s ground-breaking color theory.  You’ll learn about the Munsell Color Company’s early beginnings in the late 1800’s, how Munsell’s Color Theory gained international acclaim, why Albert Munsell’s son moved the company from Boston to Baltimore and more.  This compilation of publications, books, and articles not only shares an historical perspective on Munsell Color, but also explains why it’s a timeless color system that’s still as useful today as it was when Munsell developed it nearly a century ago.

History of Munsell by Dorothy Nickerson

Learn about the history of the Munsell Color System, the Munsell Color Company and Munsell Color Foundation from Dorothy Nickerson’s unique perspective in her 1976 inaugural Color Research & Application (CR&A) Report.  Read Nickerson’s personal accounts based on her affiliation with … Continue reading

Cleland Munsell Notation

T.M. Cleland shares his artist’s perspective on the practical application of the Munsell Color Notation System, which he wrote for A Grammar of Color, published by the Strathmore Paper Company in 1921. Cleland’s A Practical Description of The Munsell Color System with … Continue reading

Atlas Munsell Color System Book Cover

Atlas of the Munsell Color System

Published in 1913, the Atlas of the Munsell Color System, was the first publication that fully illustrated the Munsell system of color measurement. It covers the 3 color scales, the color tree, notation of color, balance of color and includes 15 … Continue reading

A diagram showing color in 3D from A Grammar of Color book by Albert H. Munsell

A Grammar of Color

Published in 1921, A Grammar of Color, is a basic treatise on the Albert H. Munsell color system.  Containing an introduction by A.H. Munsell, diagrams illustrating the application of the system, two plates engraved by Rudolph Ruzicka showing balanced and unbalanced color … Continue reading

A Color Notation by Albert Munsell

The way you visually match color today is the result of Albert H. Munsell’s work nearly a century ago.  In fact, modern day color theory and mathematical color system is based on Munsell’s theory of color. Learn more about Munsell’s … Continue reading