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Color Education

Learn How Munsell Color Space Sparked the Genesis of Today’s Color Space Models

Whether you’re a student, teacher or curious consumer, you’ll find helpful color charts like the Munsell Hue, Value, Chroma Poster and three-dimensional color space tools like the Munsell Color Tree. Each tool depicts Munsell color space in a unique format that optimizes the learning experience from static color space charts and three dimensional models to an interactive learning kit—ideal for teaching color space in classrooms.  After all, Albert H. Munsell was an educator in addition to being an artist.

Get a Hands-On Perspective of Color Space Models From any of the Following Munsell Color Space Tools

As an artist and an educator, Albert H. Munsell transformed complex color theory into a simple, practical system using color space charts and models.  Munsell color space models are still used today to educate business, government and academia on color theory and the value of color.  After all, Albert H. Munsell was an educator in addition to being an artist.

A Crash Course in Munsell Color Space…

Albert H. Munsell was an artist and an educator.  He developed his color theory to bring clarity to color communication by establishing an orderly system for accurately identifying every color that exists.  Munsell based his system on what he defined as “perceived equidistance” — the human visual system’s perception of color.  Munsell color order system is based on a three-dimensional model depicted in the Munsell color tree.  Each color has three qualities or attributes:

  1. Hue – color such as red, orange, yellow, etc.
  2. Value – the lightness or darkness of a color
  3. Chroma – the saturation or brilliance of a color

Hue, value and chroma are also referred to as (HVC).  The Munsell Color system is set up as a numerical scale with visually uniform steps for each of the three color attributes—in Munsell notation, each color has a logical and visual relationship to all other colors.  Thanks to Munsell color space, you can bring order and logic to your color palettes.  Munsell Color provides a quick and easy tool to help you visualize how the colors will come together.