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Color Communications Products

Communicating with color is more accurate and effective thanks to Munsell Color

Color impacts your top- and bottom-line—make sure it’s a positive impact.  That’s where Munsell color communication products can help.

Effective color communication helps you leverage color to…

Boost your top line

It’s a proven fact that color sells.  Consumers use color as one gauge of product quality.  When produced consistently, color exudes a sense of quality and dependability.  However, when color varies from lot to lot, it can send a negative message about product quality, which could hamper sales, force markdowns and shrink margins.

  • Ensure suppliers reproduce your color accurately and consistently with the Munsell Books of Color.
  • Optimize crop yields and food product quality following the USDA color standards, and ensure that you command the value your crop yield is worth based on color and grade.
  • Government color standards help ensure products such as electrical wire and other industrial products compliance with government and industry standards.

Minimize your bottom line

Although instrumental color measurement and control is essential for effective color control, there’s still no substitute for visual inspection.  That’s where color communication is key, and why Munsell is ideal for visual color communications integrated with instrumental color control.

The Munsell Color Order System formed the basis from which today’s instrumental color measurement and control algorithms were based.  So you’ll ensure the color you communicate correlates to the color measured.  Whether you’re making products, growing crops, or researching environmental conditions based on color, Munsell color communications product can help you:

  • Reduce color communication errors, waste and color-related product returns.
  • Streamline color communication and get your products to market faster.
  • Minimize undervalued crops and color-related markdowns.
  • Conduct field research cost effectively using the Munsell Book of Soil Color Charts

Communicating with color is fast and easy with thousands of standard colors

Choose from thousands of ready-made color standards for your application and industry.   Munsell Books of Color—available in glossy, matte and nearly neutrals as well as government standard colors and environmental colors—include thousands of color chips.  And if your color communications application requires a color standard larger than a chip, 8.5 x 11 or A4 size sheets are also available.

The right color standard makes communicating with color faster, easier and more cost effective. Can’t find the right color communication standard?  Contact us about developing a custom color communication system for your application.