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Munsell Color Products

Apply Munsell Color Standards to Wide Range of Industries and Disciplines

From business and industry to government and academia, Munsell Color products influence color analysis and specification, color development, and color education.



Custom Color Services

Customized Color Management Tools Created Specifically for Your Color Management Process Munsell custom color solutions visually simulate your desired color outcome.  So you not only get the color you want, but also the texture, finish and even acceptable color deviations … Continue reading ->


Color Communications Products

Communicating with color is more accurate and effective thanks to Munsell Color Color impacts your top- and bottom-line—make sure it’s a positive impact.  That’s where Munsell color communication products can help. Effective color communication helps you leverage color to… Boost … Continue reading ->


Color Standards

Accurate color influences more than aesthetics. It influences safety, costs and product quality. Learn about the latest Government and industry color standards available including NEMA, USDA, ANSI, Electric Power Industry Standards, Neutral Value Gray Scales and more. Continue reading ->


Color Education

Whether you’re a student, teacher or curious consumer, Munsell Color Education Products present Munsell Color Theory in unique formats that optimize the learning experience from static charts to three-dimensional models including the Munsell Hue, Value, Chroma Poster and Munsell Color Tree. Continue reading ->


Color Vision Tests

How accurate is your color vision? The Farnsworth Color Vision Test will tell. Learn how important color vision is to all aspects of color development and effective color communication. Continue reading ->


  • Sciences including Archaeology, Beads, Botany, Environmental Studies, Geology, and Soil Science
  • Business including Brand Identity, Industrial Design, Product Development
    • Select the perfect palette that reinforces your brand and shows off your product design. Munsell color products, including our popular Munsell Books of Color, help you choose the right color.  Then use our Custom Color Services to fine tune a color and make it easier for you to communicate your color to suppliers and for suppliers to replicate your color accurately. Our design and identity blogsshare helpful ways to apply Munsell Color standards in real-world examples.
  • Imaging Sciences including Photography
    • Reproducing images with even the best photographic and imaging equipment relies on color balance and control. The popular X-Rite ColorChecker targets are produced by Munsell and have been used by photographers and imaging scientists throughout the world.
  • Color Education
    • Learn how color works and techniques for more effectively choosing and communicating color using the Munsell Color System.  Color education was the foundation for Albert H. Munsell’s life’s work. Designed by and artist with penchant for science, the Munsell Color Order System is was designed logically to intuitively follow the way the human eye sees color, and Munsell himself measured each color in his system to ensure accuracy.  Learn more about the Munsell Color System in our color education blogs.
  • Government and Testing
    • Specify color for products that must comply with government regulations. Munsell Color Standards can help ensure compliance with numerous government standards including ANSI, NEMA, USDA and others.  One of the reasons the Munsell Color Company moved to Baltimore in the early 1920’s was to be located close to government standards organizations. (See our color theory and history blogs to learn more about Munsell.)  Today, Munsell continues to produce government color standads and its legendary Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test – a color test to ensure that anyone who works with color in any industry is capable of seeing color properly.

See Munsell Color products in action and share your color story on our Munsell Color Blog.

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