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A Review of the Nickerson Horticultural Fan Deck

This review of the Nickerson Horticultural Fan Deck first appeared in, The Bulletin of Popular Information of the Arnoldia Arboretum, Harvard University, September 20th, 1957. It is still relevant today to show the reasoning behind creating a color standard for Horticulturalists … Continue reading

A diagram of the Munsell hue circle showing principal and intermediate colors

Munsell Hue Circle Poster

“Popular color names are incongruous, irrational, and often ludicrous.” – Albert Munsell Hue is the quality by which we distinguish one color from another, as a red from a yellow, a green from a blue. In science it can be … Continue reading

A New Technology for Color Lovers

Technology is exploding into realms unimagined, changing once-blank canvases with fresh and vibrant possibilities. As technology expands and advances, designers are charged with exploring new and stunning ways to apply concepts and leverage innovations. … Continue reading

Sediment Colors and Monumental Mounds

Archaeologists tend to be more familiar with soils and sediments than most people, especially geoarchaeologists such as myself – we specialize in the study of soils and sediments in order to understand how archaeological sites and monuments are formed. Sediments … Continue reading