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Evolution Trichromacy

My dog, Truffle (who has been introduced elsewhere), is red-green colorblind. He has a devil of a time at traffic lights. I don’t let him drive that much. He can never remember whether the red light is the one on … Continue reading

3 Ways Color Manipulates You

Color seems so obvious.  What many of us don’t realize is that psychologically, perhaps even subliminally, color influences decisions we make every day. Here, we explore 3 ways color psychology, operates in stealth-like fashion. … Continue reading

The Secret to A.H. Munsell’s Color Theory

Had Munsell developed his color theory completely based on supposition, it would have been given a luke-warm reception by business and academia.  However, back in 1907, just two years after publishing A Color Notation and more than a decade of … Continue reading

The myPantone Color App

We recently posted a blog on the Best Color Apps and decided to feature the myPantone Color App all by itself, well because… it’s just that great. The Pantone app works on just about all smart phones and allows you to view … Continue reading