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The Best Color Apps To Help You Pick The Palette You Want

Color, an important yet often taken for granted part of our world, can set a mood, attract attention or make a statement positive or negative. If used properly, it can be your most powerful design element.

Choosing the Right Colors

The process can be overwhelming for some, and a good color app can help. What goes with what?  What color best compliments another color? How many colors can I use? What about different hues? Creating the right color scheme does not have to be a stressful undertaking.

Luckily there are some color apps to help you find your way around a palette wheel.

Apps That Help Us Color Our World

  • Luxe Finds is geared towards anyone planning a wedding or a fancy event. A lifestyle search engine, Luxe Finds offers users a color matching app that can search by color for a wide array of fashion and beauty as well as home décor from blogs around the web. The app also offers recipe ideas on food, recommendations for travel and fun crafting ideas to do with family. Anyone with an appreciation of the luxurious life will find this app to be a helpful resource to narrow down blogs.
  • Chip It by paint company Sherwin Williams is an amazing (and addicting) paint color selection tool. The app is perfect for anyone who wants to create a color scheme around an image. And we mean any image! Just drag the app’s ‘Chip It’ button to the toolbar and then anytime you come across a color scheme you want to emulate, click the ‘Chip It’ button and hover over the image. Suddenly you’ll have a color palette perfectly matched to your image. Save your color cards with your Facebook account and any Sherwin Williams store can match your colors exactly.
  • Colrd is another user friendly online color identifying generator. Just hoverer over a color on the sites grid and the tool will show you themes that use that color. With Colrd, you can even select which format you want to see your color scheme in (hsv, rgb, or hex). Then you can export your color theme to Illustrator, Photoshop, or ColorJack Studio. This tool is PC friendly and also offers a Mac widget.
  • is a simple color generating tool that lets you use a photo from the web as your palette inspiration. All you have to do is paste the URL of an image you’re using as inspiration into the app and viola! will create a ‘dull’ and ‘vibrant’ palette color scheme based on your photo.

It is so easy to find color inspiration on the web.  Next time you have to plan a wedding, or a party or any event and you have no idea where to start except for a picture or an image, try one of these color apps to help you pick your best palette!



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