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What is the Best Way to Store Color Books & Charts?

A stack of Munsell color books and charts in storage

You made the investment in a Book of Color, Soil Book, Custom Color swatch or other color communication product. Now you want to ensure the colors remain stable and the charts can be used for as long as possible. That means you need to take care of your charts and the best way to do that is to store them properly. Follow these guidelines for optimal storage conditions for your color books and charts.

Where to store color books and charts?

Try to keep your books and charts out of direct light and in a darker space. Office environments are generally temperature and humidity regulated, so they tend to be the best options for storage. Some places in an office where they can be kept include: 

  • filing cabinet
  • closet
  • drawer
  • clipboard case
  • dark case

What to store color books and charts in?

If you want to keep your color book or chart in a case, it is is best to use a breathable material. Options for this include:

  • mesh bags
  • acid-free bag
  • dust bag
  • cardboard box (preferably new and acid-free)

What not to store color books or charts in:

  • no plastic
  • no synthetic materials
  • no foil

These types of materials tend to encourage mold growth which we want to avoid. Make sure the area you are store the color charts in are dry and not in a place that could potentially flood or get water damage.

Other Considerations

In addition, although the color chips are not susceptible to insects or bugs, it is best to keep them in a place where these little critters can’t get to them.

A stack of Munsell color books and charts in a closet being properly stored

The number one thing that will cause the most damage to your color books or charts is high heat, extreme cold, or direct exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet light is what is going to shift the color the most. So when you are working outdoors, try to put your books and charts away when they are not in use. Don’t leave your charts in the car, especially in the sun. 

Take care of your color charts and books and they will provide you with consistent, reliable results for years.