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Texture Standards

Munsell Texture Color Standards simulate the surface characteristics, known as texture. Adding texture to a sample changes the appearance of the color.  Munsell Texture Color Standards capture the change in the appearance of color that results from texture and provide a more accurate simulation of your sample’s appearance. As a result, you’ll make more accurate color decisions on textured samples.

Here’s How Munsell Texture Color Standards Work…

Tell us the texture of the samples with which you’re working—fine, medium or coarse and gloss level.  For best results, provide us with an actual sample.  Then, we’ll reproduce the color and texture in a Munsell Texture Color Standard.

Flexibility to Evaluate More Samples from a Single Texture Color Standard

Munsell Texture Color Standards are available in a single step, two-step or three-step color standard, customize to your application. If you have more than one gloss level or texture, you can include up to three textures on a single color standard.

One-Step Texture Color Standard

A One-step Texture Color Standard includes a single texture and is ideal for evaluating color of samples with only one texture.  It’s also effective for multi-component products. If the textured part is manufactured at a different facility, a One-step Texture Color Standard can be supplied to the manufacturer of the textured part only.

Two-Step Texture Color Standard

For those samples that may have more than one texture or a combination smooth and textured surface, the Two-step Texture Color Standard is ideal. It gives you more flexibility to communicate with suppliers using a single standard. So whether your suppliers first match the color and then the appearance (color with texture applied) or you’re communicating color to multiple suppliers you have the option to provide both color and appearance from a single standard.

Three-Step Texture Color Standard

The Three-step Texture Color Standard gives you the most flexibility for evaluating color and appearance. It’s especially helpful in multi-component part manufacturing whether single facility or throughout the supply chain. You may also use the Three-step Texture Color Standard to provide a range of appearances, which can help reduce waste caused by unnecessary rejects. Customize your standard with any combination of color and textures.

Evaluate textured samples faster and more accurately with Munsell Texture Color Standards.

Order your Munsell Texture Color Standards today. Each standard is produced with paint on paper and includes 100, 8.5″ x 11″ charts in the color and texture(s) of your choice.