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QuickColor Standards

Are you producing this season’s hottest colors?  Or are you in the process of developing a product prototype and need an accurate starting color ASAP? Munsell Quick Color Standards capture your inspiration quickly and help suppliers meet aggressive time-to-market deadlines without compromising color accuracy.

Shave Weeks Off the Color Development Process and Add Savings to Your Bottom Line

We’ve streamlined the development. It’s your choice… Munsell Quick Color Standards with a proof or without.  The no-proof option streamlines the process even further. So you get ready-to-use color standards right away. In fact, most Munsell Quick Color Standards can be turned around in as little as a few days.

Choose from Thousands of Ready-to-Use Quick Color Standards

The accuracy and repeatability with which Munsell color standards are manufactured, allow us to streamline the color development process by making the proofing step optional.  You can choose any color from our Munsell Books of Color, and we guarantee you’ll receive a Munsell Quick Color Standard that’s ready to use the day you receive it.

Getting Your Munsell Quick Color Standard Is Easy…

  1. Select the color you wnt and provide us with a physical sample or numeric color reference such as Munsell HV/C notation or a spectrophotometric measurement.
  2. Tell us the gloss level you prefer.
  3. Voila! Your Quick Color standards are on their way to you or your suppliers.

Each standard is 8.5″ x 11″ produced with paint on paper and matched to the color and gloss level of your choice.

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