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Munsell Color Tolerance Sets

Color Tolerance Sets Help You Speed Time-To-Market With Less Waste

Color Tolerance Sets are ideal for multi-component products manufactured by multiple suppliers in different locations using a variety of processes.  You specify the color tolerance, or range of acceptable color deviations, by which the finished product will be evaluated.  So if you’re a buyer, you’ll get the color you want.  If you’re a supplier, you’ll get the flexibility you need to compensate for slight color shifts that result from normal process and materials variations.

How Color Tolerance Sets Work

Color Tolerance Sets show the target color—ideal or “centroid” color—plus acceptable limits or color tolerances from the target color. You determine the color tolerance limits and criteria for communicating the color tolerances.  In addition, you can also specify gloss levels, which demonstrate how the appearance of your color changes as a result of a change in gloss level.

You define the color tolerance using the following color variables:   light, dark, red, green, blue or yellow limit when compared to the target color. The different types of Color Tolerance Sets are defined by the number of limits that are incorporated in the Color Tolerance Set.

So a 7-Step Color Tolerance Set Would Have:

  1. target color;
  2. light limit;
  3. dark limit
  4. red limit;
  5. green limit;
  6. blue limit and
  7. yellow limit.

Color Tolerance Special Effects

The Color Tolerance Sets that are listed as “Special” are used for a specialty metallic or pearlescent color match and textured finishes.

Customize a Color Tolerance Set Tool for Your Application

Choose a color tolerance set below, then contact us to customize it to find a perfect custom color management tool that works for you.