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Munsell Color Control Panels

Color Control Panels Speed and Simplify Color Quality Control Between Buyers and Suppliers

Whether you’re a buyer or supplier, color quality control can be faster and easier with a Munsell custom Color Control Panel.  Our Color Control Panels visually simulate your desired color outcome.  So you not only get the color you want, but also the texture and finish.  You can also customize a Color Control Panel in a washable format for food and other applications where the color standard may need regular cleaning.

Bring Consistency to Your Color Quality Control System

Consistency is essential to every color quality control system in any industry.  Whether you’re communicating color, making color decisions or conducting diagnostics testing based on color, you can use Munsell Color Control Panels with complete confidence in the consistency of every color management solution from batch to batch and standard to standard.

How Color Control Panels Work

Color Control Panels give you greater flexibility to control your most pressing color variables.  You can customize your Color Control Panel to represent a min/max tolerance range for up to three colors.  Or you can monitor the visual effect of varying gloss levels on one color.

You tell us the color, gloss or special effect and our color experts will help you develop an effective color quality control tool for communicating your color.

Color Control Panel Special Effects

The Color Control Panels that are listed as “Special” are used for specialty metallic or pearlescent color quality control.

Customize a Color Control Panel for Your Application

Choose a Color Control Panel from the list below, then contact us to talk about a custom color management system that works for you.