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Munsell Color Coding Charts

Meet Electronic Industries Association (EIA) Color Coding Specification, EIA RS359-A, for Wire Colors

Electronics Industries Association (EIA) specification EIA RS359-A identifies electrical wire color codes for wire and cable insulation.  Whether you manufacture or specify electrical wires, Munsell wiring color standards help you ensure lot-to-lot color consistency.

Munsell Color Coding Charts for Electrical Wire (EIA RS359-A) Include:

  • Ten (10), 8-1/2″ x 11″ color code charts in a binder for the following wire colors:  red, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, violet (purple), white, gray (slate) and black.
  • Single color code charts, one each for aqua and rose wire color codes.

Supplemental Munsell Color Coding Charts for Telecom Cable and Fiber Optics (EIA –TIA 598-A) Include:

  • Single color code charts, one each for aqua and rose wire color codes.

How Electrical Color Coding Charts Work

The center color (a.k.a. “centroid color”) of each wire color code represents the ideal color. However, given numerous manufacturing variables in the production of electrical wires, which can affect wire color, the color coding chart includes several permissible color variations or “tolerances.”  The color tolerances represent the maximum allowable visual color variations from the center color code.

Choose a Color Coding Chart That’s Right for Your Electrical Wire Application