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Munsell’s New Replacement Color Chips


Replacement Color Chips are Fast, Easy Affordable Replacements for any Munsell Book of Color

Grand Rapids, MI – May 30, 2013 – Munsell Color, part of the X-Rite company and the leader in producing physical color standards, today announced the release, The Munsell Replacement Color Chips,    designed to replace worn or missing color chips from any Munsell Book of Color.

The Munsell replacement color chips provide an affordable way to replace the color chips in any Munsell Book of Color, without replacing the entire book.  The replacement chips are made so convenient that they can practically be used out of the box.  Packaged in a lightweight plastic case that fits in a pocket or purse, you can easily transport and use your new color chips on-the-go. The replacement chips are an accurate tool for virtually any industry or application that requires accurate color communication.


“The primary use for our new replacement chips are to replace worn or missing color chips from any Munsell Book of Color,” said Art Schmehling, Munsell Color Services Business Manager. “In addition, they are in themselves, a great on-the-go tool for communicating working color standards and palette development.”

Benefits and Specifics about the Munsell Replacement Color Chips

  • Munsell replacement chips are packaged by each of the 10 major Munsell major hues in a lightweight, molded plastic case
  • Each package includes the same number of chips for each hue as in the Munsell Book of Color (i.e., number of chips varies based on the hue, value and chroma for each hue page)
  • Replacement color chips are available in matte or gloss finishes

For more information, contact Art Schmehling, at (616) 803-2703, or email

About Munsell Color

Munsell Color is comprised of the original Munsell Color Company that Albert H. Munsell started nearly a century ago. The company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan develops and produces physical color standards based on Munsell color theory. The result is a variety of simple yet accurate visual color tools that help professional, artists and others with color more effectively. Munsell is part of X-Rite, the global leader in color science and technology, which also includes design industry color leader, Pantone LLC. Munsell color tools are used across a wide range of industries. For more information, visit

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