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Meet Munsell Color Lab Expert Laura Weeks

Munsell Colro Lab expert Laura Weeks in lab working with Munsell Color System

We interviewed Laura Weeks in the color lab at Munsell to learn about her colorful life.

How long have you been working at the Munsell Color lab?

I started as a color lab assistant in December 2010, so about 2.5 years

What is a day in the life like for a color lab expert?

Our days vary from day-to-day depending on what kind of jobs we are working on. However, most days we start by reading the specifications and guidelines of a custom work order. Make sure that we have all the information that we need. Then, we formulate the color using our database, colorants and instruments. We proceed by making proofs and adjusting the color until we are satisfied with the color. When the color is ready, we sent out a proof to the customer to be approved or rejected.

What have you learned about color from working at Munsell?

I’ve learned so much about color. Overall, I think the most important thing is that color matters. The color world is a lot bigger than I could have ever envisioned. It affects us all every second of our lives, and everyone has a different way to look at color. From a technical point, I’ve learn that color is defined by the lighting and the texture of the color.


Munsell color lab bottles on color

What do you feel makes the Munsell system so unique?

The way the color is categorized, it makes it a lot simpler and easier to understand and explain.

How has your color knowledge changed the way you see the world?

I think it has improved my view of the world in all aspects. It allows me to appreciate and understand color. It also helps me be more aware of how color affects my daily life.

If you could use color to impact change, what would you want that change to be?

I would want to use color in the health field. We already work with some medical companies with calibrations standards. My ultimate dream would be to be able to use color to cure some kind of cancer.

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