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Tell Us Your Story 2013

We love hearing stories from people who have used the Munsell color system in their work, hobbies or everyday lives.  Thanks for submitting your anecdotes about color, pigments, lighting, art, scientific analysis, and anything in between.  In fact, the stories we’ve already received are so interesting that we want to pass them on and share them with you.


Stories from Artists


A peek at those using Munsell in the creative arts:


“Munsell Color is great for matching various colours and determining chroma, value and hue.  It really is a wonderful system.”


“I was taught how to make the Munsell colour wheel by an Artist Painter friend who himself was taught it by an artist at the Royal Academy when he was on the MA course.  Learning the Munsell colour wheel has radically increased my confidence when making models for my jewelry designs, and I have tremendously enjoyed the process.”


“Forty years ago, when I was getting seriously into photography, I walked quite some ways from the office where I had a Summer job to the Munsell company — in Baltimore, of course. I bought the student charts and binder, and carefully glued the chips into the correct spaces — which I had to figure out on my own — learning the difference between value and chroma, which I have never forgotten.” 


Munsell Color Theory Action Boards

“I love his theory on colour. In fact, for years I’ve tried to find a Munsell colour cube to no avail. From pure colour to technics greying the colour out is the most important information for the artist.  Just knowing the value in color is one of the best aspects in selecting a proper tone for a project. Thanks Munsell!”


Stories about Students


Learning about Munsell is both exciting and challenging for students:


“I am a student with the Virtual Art Academy and am learning about Munsell.  I am very excited to have found you and hope to learn a great deal using your color system.”


“I’m using it for my assignment for food coloring and I find that your website is quite helpful. Thank You”


“I am using a Munsell Soil-Color Chart to help prepare my students for competing in the Georgia Envirothon competition.  Determining soil hue value and chroma is one of the skills that the students are required to demonstrate in the competition.”


“I am attending a doctorate program about lighting and colour in Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. I am learning Munsell Colour System details.”


Stories from the Field


From soil scientists to archaeologists, Munsell is utilized in the field:


“Munsell Color is great for matching various colours and determining chroma, value and hue.  It really is a wonderful system.”


“I am a Science Educator in a Biology department, so I teach science content courses to prospective teachers.  We talk about different forms of data (Quantitative & Qualitative).  I show them how ambiguous names for colors can be and how with the color charts, we have a better way to be more specific.  We mostly use them for soil labs and being in Georgia, we have some wild colored clays.”


“I teach plant color at a University in Iran; my experience on plant color is very exciting for everybody, if I can go to the US, I would like to visit Munsell, and talk color.


“I´m a Wood Engineer specialist for wood industries and we have difficulties identifying species with sawed wood as raw material. I´m beginning to use the Munsell Table to help us be precise and accurate for diagnosis and identification of sawed wood (saw milled raw).”

 Wood Matching Munsell Color Theory at

“I am planning to use a Munsell geological rock-colour chart to determine the correct colour and estimate of beach sand albedo values for loggerhead nesting beaches on the coast of Western Australia. This will allow me to predict nest temperatures and resultant sex ratios of hatchling turtles who exhibit temperature-dependent sex determination (TSD).”


“Using color guides produced in the late 90’s and in early 2002 for stamps for Canada. Using Richard Morris Color Guide for Small Queens of Canada and the Pittsboro Philatelics Color Guide, also a Small Queen Guide purchased in late 1990’s.  Both use Munsell Color System chips.”

“I work for a health department and I love the easy use of your website to select colors for my graphic design needs.”


“I am soil surveyor in the irritation department in Myanmar. I study soil color and texture with the help of the Munsell soil color book. Thanks!”


Just for Fun

Because we love color too:

“I want color.”


“Color love.”


We are grateful for the stories we’ve already heard, and would love for you to tell us your tale, too!  By sharing your story, you can help inspire others. We can’t wait to hear about how a splash of color has affected you at work, at home, at school, or anywhere else.  If you’ve got a great story to tell about adding color to your life, share it on our blog, send us an email or drop us a line on Facebook or Google+, or tweet us!


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