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How Do You Celebrate a Birthday at Munsell

Laura Weeks, lab technician at Munsell stands next to a full size ColorChecker chart

When I interviewed for this job six years ago, one of the questions I was asked was, “How do you make a cake?” Back then I was puzzled by the question…  little did I know that my cooking talents would come in handy a few weeks later when I worked on the ColorChecker project for the first time.

The ColorChecker project has always been one of my favorite jobs to work on throughout the years. I have been fascinated by the evolution of the colors and the fan base it has created in the last 40 years. In the last 6 years, I have been involved with the production, quality and development of the ColorChecker. I have practically memorized the recipes to create all the colors. I am one of the biggest fans of the colors and the technology behind it. Earlier this year, when I found out the ColorChecker turned 40, I could not believe it. It was my dream to have ColorChecker cake and thanks to my amazing coworkers that dream came true.


So how do you celebrate a birthday at Munsell? With a ColorChecker Cake of course because… we live what we do.

A birthday cake with a ColorChecker chart recreated using food coloring on top

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