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Color expression comes in many shades.  Thanks to the work of Albert H. Munsell, color expression has never been easier and more accurate.  If Munsell were here today, he would most definitely have blogged about color and his work in helping you communicate color more effectively. So in the spirit of Munsell’s passion for making sense of color, we created the Munsell color blog to continue Munsell’s legacy of color expression in art, industry and education.

Visit the color blog often to learn new and interesting applications for Munsell Color from art and agriculture to design, science and more!

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Turkey color with the Munsell Soil Color Chart

Cooking A Turkey To Color Perfection

The Many Shades of Turkey The family is arriving, cars are pulling up and parking. The house is decorated, toasty warm and cheery. In the living room the early football game is on, and many will be popping...

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Color Emotion Featured

Emotions… Why that Color?

“Because I like it,” could be an answer to the question from the title of this blog series and it wouldn’t be any less valid than any other answer. In previous posts I tried to analyze what influences...

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A color theory tool for fashion designers and retail merchandisers

An Interactive Color Theory Simulation

Color is one of the most influential elements that attract us. It is well known that color is number one reason why consumers approach (and often purchase) merchandise. Thus, for fashion design...

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Art Why That Color Featured

Art… Why that Color?

That feeling of awe when I received a set of 24 color markers as a kid has never gone away. That box contained the whole world. The possibilities were endless and just waiting to be released. My generation...

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A student uses a Munsell Color Chart in the field to determine how soil is formed

Soil Formation, Archaeology, Color… Munsell

Archaeologists, soil scientists, geoscientists and geoarchaeologists are much indebted to Munsell for their Soil Color Charts. The first time I saw them I was a first-year undergraduate student doing archaeological...

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Munsell Color Tree Featured

Theory… Why that Color?

“ is really not a theory at all. Nothing can be predicted by means of it. It is, rather, a vague schematic outline…” Ludwig Wittgenstein, Remarks on Color Before I encountered any kind...

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