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Color expression comes in many shades.  Thanks to the work of Albert H. Munsell, color expression has never been easier and more accurate.  If Munsell were here today, he would most definitely have blogged about color and his work in helping you communicate color more effectively. So in the spirit of Munsell’s passion for making sense of color, we created the Munsell color blog to continue Munsell’s legacy of color expression in art, industry and education.

Visit the color blog often to learn new and interesting applications for Munsell Color from art and agriculture to design, science and more!

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A diagram of the Munsell hue circle showing principal and intermediate colors

Munsell Hue Circle Poster

"Popular color names are incongruous, irrational, and often ludicrous." - Albert Munsell Hue is the quality by which we distinguish one color from another, as a red from a yellow, a green from a blue....

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E-Ink Prism Color Changing Technology

A New Technology for Color Lovers

Technology is exploding into realms unimagined, changing once-blank canvases with fresh and vibrant possibilities. As technology expands and advances, designers are charged with exploring new and stunning...

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The hue, value and chroma chart from the Munsell book of colors that show constants

The Munsell Book of Color 1929: The Charts

This section of the 1st edition of the Munsell Book of Color from 1929 discusses the colors of constant hue (diagram of 10 vertical charts), value (diagram 6 radial charts) and chroma (diagram of 8 cylindrical...

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Core Sampling Sediment Featured

Sediment Colors and Monumental Mounds

Archaeologists tend to be more familiar with soils and sediments than most people, especially geoarchaeologists such as myself – we specialize in the study of soils and sediments in order to understand...

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