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Color expression comes in many shades.  Thanks to the work of Albert H. Munsell, color expression has never been easier and more accurate.  If Munsell were here today, he would most definitely have blogged about color and his work in helping you communicate color more effectively. So in the spirit of Munsell’s passion for making sense of color, we created the Munsell color blog to continue Munsell’s legacy of color expression in art, industry and education.

Visit the color blog often to learn new and interesting applications for Munsell Color from art and agriculture to design, science and more!

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A plume of purple smoke and the associated composition

Announce and Obscure: Making Colored Smoke

The term “smoke” can be thought of as the presence of light-obscuring material in an environment’s airspace. The situation that most comes to mind is black smoke, tiny solid particulate material...

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A red circle in the center of a black square

Signal… Why that Color?

A couple of months ago I suffered from a pretty exhausting viral infection. Every half-hour I found myself with one of those Vicks thermometers in my mouth waiting to see what color the little round display...

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5 swatches of various shades of chocolate colors

What Color is Chocolate?

The Color Chocolate History The questions I have been investigating lately is when did, “chocolate” become a word to describe a color and what color was that, exactly?  These questions are not as...

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Range of colors from red to blue; gender color stereotypes of pink and blue.

Gender… Why that Color?

I found myself one day in a baby store looking for a gift after the sister of a friend had just become a mother. In the middle of the store I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks when I realized that I couldn’t...

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