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Munsell ANSI Color Standards

Meet ANSI Specifications for Color Including ANSI Grays and ANSI Safety Colors

ANSI specifications spell out ANSI color standards for safety and other applications where neutral gray colors are required.  Whether you manufacture or specify products manufactured to ANSI specifications, you can obtain a complete range of ANSI color standards.  Each ANSI standard is designed to help you visually match the color you’re producing to ANSI specifications.

Munsell ANSI Colors are Available in Several Formats and Finishes:

  • Standard sheets are available for ANSI Grays (#24, #33, #45, #49, #61 and #70)
  • ANSI Safety Colors (Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White and Yellow).
  • Color tolerance sets are available in high gloss or semi gloss for ANSI Gray #70.

Order ANSI Colors by Selecting Any of the ANSI Color Standards Below