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Munsell FAQs

When it comes to questions about color, there are simple ones, and more complex ones. The Munsell color system is based on the human visual system's perception of color, and color is all around us, everywhere we look, at any moment. We make visual color matching and identification logical and simple. Our goal is to have the answers to our FAQ's follow that same criteria, so even a detailed response to a complex subject is resourceful to both the professional color expert and the aspiring information seeker.

The three attributes of color - hue, value and chroma make up the Munsell color notation or naming convention

Is There a List of Munsell Colors by Name?

The Munsell color system uses a numerical scale┬áto identify color, rather than “traditional naming conventions” which can be easily misinterpreted. The system helps create uniformity in the way a color is described and differentiated. What is “Munsell Color”? The Munsell … Continue reading